By Chris Scott Barr

There’s nothing new about the idea of an ergonomic keyboard. The logic behind them is that your average keyboard is not designed with your wrists in mind. Most of them are split down the middle, with your hands being at slight angles, rather than running parallel. However, since repetitive motion is still an issue, wouldn’t typing on an angled keyboard still be bad after a few hours? Smartfish thinks so.

While checking out some of the booths, I cam across a rather interesting keyboard. At first glance the ErgoMotion looks like any other ergonomic keyboard. While it is based on the same principals as most, it has one major difference: a motor.

When you’ve been typing on this particular peripheral for an hour, the two halves will shift to a new position. The parts adjust both the slope and radial alignment of your hands, thus preventing the sort of repetitive motion that would normally cause issues after long hours of typing. There are seven different positions it can move to, ensuring that you never have to type in the same position for a large portion of your day.

I was able to test the keyboard for a short time, and found it to be as comfortable as any other ergonomic one on the market. The adjustments only take a second or two, and it really took no time to adapt to the new position. The Smartfish ErgoMotion keyboard will be available in March for a retail price of $149.95.

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