[CES 2012]: An Infographic And Some Words On The Show


By David Ponce

Infographics are like bite-sized food: they beg to be consumed. So I’m putting a long-ass one after the break that details a bunch of interesting stuff about the largest consumer electronics’ show on the planet. I’m going this Sunday and I’ll be bringing you guys as much coverage as is humanely possible… or at least as much as is possible for me. Also, I’d like to take this opportunity to let you all know that Energizer is sponsoring my way there this year. The only part of this sponsorship that will affect you guys is you will see two articles about them. That’s two out of the couple dozen that will come out, so rest assured the floor is yours. Tell me what you want to see, or even better, how you’d rather have me cover this. I’m thinking live Tweeting from the show floor and having the tweets appear here as a short series of posts, in conjunction with 5 regular articles. What do you think? Any interest in livecasts?

In any case, hit the jump for some data on the show.

VIA [ Geekosystem ]


  1. My daughter, Amanda, sent a request via fb friends that tickets to this would be the “awesome-est” gift ever. She not only keeps her ole mom from turning into a useless relic but promotes the latest tools and gadgets to her community college students. Can’t wait to read your articles and then have Amanda convince me how her ole mom really needs them.

  2. It’s cool your daughter is into this, honestly. But tell her that if she didn’t get any tickets, not to be disappointed: there are no tickets. It’s open only to the press, exhibitors and purchasers.