By David Ponce

Reading is fun and now that you don’t have to carry a bulky dead tree block around, you can do it in more places than ever. If your eReader of choice happens to be a Kindle, then a company called SolarMio has a solar-powered Kindle case with an 800 lux LED light. Pop the light out and it turns on, pop it back in and it’s off. This way you can keep reading in your bed with no nightlight after you’ve spent a day outside, in the park or whatever, reading. It’s a concept similar to the Kapsule light-stand I wrote about a while back, but this particular cover doesn’t use the Kindle’s power source at all…. and there’s no stand. Instead, there’s a 1,250mAh battery that can provide up to 50 hours of illumination when fully charged, and better yet, can also be used as backup power for your Kindle. It’s not clear how long charging takes but the company states that one hour of sunlight can give you three days of reading. You can of course still charge your Kindle the normal way.

It’s made from pleather and costs $80. Shipping will start January 14th.

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