[CES 2010] Flipower Plug-less USB Charger


Flipower Plug-less USB Charger (Image property OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

Apple has managed to significantly shrink the size of the AC to USB power adapter it ships with the iPhone, but I think these Flipower devices edge them out just slightly when it comes to their compact size. And the simple secret to slimming them down was to just remove their prongs. Instead, you’ll find a flip out panel that almost looks like a wall socket, and in a way it is. You see the Flipower is designed to sit between a wall socket and a power plug as you can see it doing with the power bar in the upper corner of that photo, and thanks to a set of thin metal wires, it’s able to draw power from the outlet and pass it onto a connected USB device.

The obvious downside of course is that you need to have something plugged into a wall or power bar before the Flipower is actually usable, but in reality finding someplace to do so isn’t really that hard. But it doesn’t really matter since pricing and availability info for the US, or anywhere, are currently unknown.

[ Powertech ]