By Evan Ackerman

3D TV is a huuuuuge deal at CES this year. I’m not sure whether it’s as huge a deal for consumers as it is for the companies making the TVs, but either way, it’s what they’re pushing. The reason that 3D TV is kinda lame is that you need special glasses to get it to work (with some exceptions). This is, to put it mildly, an inconvenience, but the real problem is that the glasses are totally dorky looking and nobody will ever take you seriously if they catch you wearing a pair.

These glasses, made by Gunnar, are actually pretty stylish while still being able to 3Dify what comes out of that 3D TV that you’re certainly going to buy. Of course, you won’t find pairs of these in a big bin on your way into the movie theater, but if you DO actually go out and buy a 3D TV, and you somehow manage to find 3D content, these might be a worthwhile investment. They start at $90 and go up to a couple hundred, and are available now.

[ Gunnar ]


  1. I don't care if 3D glasses are stylish or not. I wouldn't pay $90 for something as trivial as that just because it looks better than the ones that you would get from a theater which work just as well.