So you’re thinking of going on a trip. Your phone might be sleek and compact, but its accessories aren’t. You’ve got an external memory card to store extra stuff, a locator that comes with a sticker and a remote in case you lose your phone, plus a charger completer with its cord to power up your phone when it’s running low on juice. You might as well get a bag to store all this stuff…or you could skip everything and just get the GOkey instead.

The GOkey is a compact device that functions as all of the above, minus the bulk. It fits easily into your keyring so you won’t have to think twice about it, since you wouldn’t leave the house without your keys now, would you?

Here’s what GOkey can do in a nutshell: charge your phone for two hours, function as a cable so you can charge via USB or sync your data, locate your phone (or your keys–it works both ways), and store extra data that you can secure with a password for added security.

GOkey is currently up for funding on Indiegogo, where a minimum pledge of $49 will get you one 8GB GOkey.