charge boxBy David Ponce

This wont fly for the more neurotic among us. But if you’ve got an ounce of trust, the ChargeBox sounds like a great way to recharge your gadgets on the run. Here’s the idea: you place your device inside it, put some money, lock it, and come back in a couple hours to find whatever it is you left now full of juice.

The Chargebox features connections for a wide variety of devices, ranging from cellphones to music players. For a complete list, follow this link.

It’s a new company, and looks like they’re operating in England for now, but I can see this spreading quickly. Their business model is set up so that if you own a business, you can get a ChargeBox free of charge, and given minimum usage levels, they’ll even share a portion of the proceeds with you. If you ask me, it’s a great way to drive some foot traffic, and worth having for that alone.

[ChargeBox] VIA [Xataka]


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