Chattanooga Gets Fastest Internet In The US


By Chris Scott Barr

How fast is your internet? Mine is (theoretically) 20Mbps down, which isn’t too bad around here. Sure, there are other parts of the world where such speeds are on the slow end of things, but here in the US there still people that have to run on dial-up. So lets say you’re wanting to move to a city where you can boast about having the fastest internet in the country. Where do you move? Chattanooga, Tennessee.

It seems that the mayor of Chattanooga, along with the city’s power company, decided to upgrade the network infrastructure to handle the faster speeds while they were already upgrading the power grid. Supposedly coming at a “minimal cost” to the city, they were able to wire 100,000 homes with full 1Gbps up and down speeds.

Don’t start packing your bags just yet though, the speed comes at a price. While the company isn’t sure just how much they should charge for the service, they are talking in the ballpark of $350 a month. So unless you have a really good reason for needing that much bandwidth (and actually have a way to utilize it), I’d just stick with one of the other available broadband solutions out there.

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