Chatty RobotBy David Ponce

Perhaps to call this contraption a robot would be stretching the meaning of that word a little. So, think of it more like a mannequin with a creepy, yet innovative feature. It’s called “Chatty”, and is on display at the Tokyo International Anime Fair 2006. Developed by the Ishikawa Optics & Art Corporation, its point is to give the mannequin/robot a more realistic, human-like face.

A video image of an actual human face (or the face of a computer-generated character, if you prefer) is projected onto the inner surface of the mannequin?s face, which serves as a three-dimensional video screen. Audio synced with Chatty?s video lip movements gives the face an astonishingly realistic look.

Of course, like all good such stories, there’s a nice video for you to watch, after the jump.

[The Chatty Homepage] VIA [Robot Gossip]


  1. Robots’ attraction grows up until it’s close to human but fake, then goes hard down while fake, then back again when couldn’t be recognized as robotic or live. I’ve seen this graph about ten years ago.

    Actually it doesn’t matter how it looks. It’s progress anyway. Right way (imho).