RC Chevy Sonic (Images courtesy SlashGear)
By Andrew Liszewski

So it turns out the Chevy Volt isn’t the most technically advanced vehicle to come out of GM’s Tech Center recently. At auto shows and other exhibits around the world, the company has actually been showing off a handful of flying cars. Including this Chevy Sonic that SlashGear stumbled across at the Texas State Fair. While it gently soars around a room with ease, the full-sized vehicle unfortunately can’t accomodate a single passenger. Because instead of steel and aluminum, it’s made from lightweight foam filled with 5 or 6 cubic meters of helium. Making it neutrally buoyant. And in lieu of a gas powered engine under the hood—or a hood altogether—a lightweight battery powers a set of electric motors with carbon fiber propellers, allowing the vehicle to be steered through the air via a wireless remote.

In addition to the flying Chevy Sonic that made an appearance in Texas, earlier in the year, at the Seoul Motor Show, GM also showed off a flying version of the Camaro. And to be perfectly honest, the video I’ve embedded below is still about 1,000 times more entertaining than that other movie released this Summer that also starred a yellow Camaro.

[ SlashGear – Chevy shows off flying car at Texas State Fair ]


  1. These have been at auto shows for at least a decade, possibly longer. I can’t remember the first time I saw one, but I’ve been going to auto shows since I was about ten (around 1999) and these have been around as far back as I can remember. They are still very cool, though.