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Chicane Saddle Bike Seat Features Rollers For Easier Turns

Chicane Saddle Bike Seat Features Rollers For Easier Turns

Chicane Saddle Bike Seat (Images courtesy Brit Brothers)
By Andrew Liszewski

Now here’s an idea that’s just so crazy it’s actually brilliant! A company called Brit-Brothers have developed a new kind of seat for racing bikes that uses toothed belts and tapered rollers that rotate when the rider is sitting on them, instead of the traditional padded cushion. The design makes it considerably easier for riders to lean back and forth when navigating tight corners and chicanes during a race, but built-in adjustable friction controls ensure the rider doesn’t just easily slip off the bike.

Not only does the seat make for smoother transitions when leaning from side to side, it also makes it considerably easier on the riders since they’re not continuously lifting their bodies off the bike, which means they’re going to tire less quickly during a long race. Now I’m not sure if the new seat design has much application outside racing, but in a competitive field where seconds count, I’m sure there are plenty of professional racing teams who are ready and willing to adopt the new technology if it provides them with a competitive advantage. And while the images above are obviously just concept renders, in May of last year Brit-Brothers was awarded a patent for their Chicane Saddle seat, and are now working to see it go into production.

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