Christie Digital Projector (Image courtesy Christie)By Andrew Liszewski

Christie, the company who makes those giant digital projectors that are probably in use at your local theater, has just announced a new system called Christie Advanced Colorâ„¢ that should make color matching an array of projectors extremely easy for anyone who can push a button. The system uses a precision handheld light meter that is pointed at various targets on the projected array. The light output measurements are then used by the Christie Advanced Color software to calibrate all the projectors to a high level of uniformity.

While it might seem like an easy way to color calibrate your home theater display, the system is primarily designed for setups that rely on multiple Christie projectors at once. Since the projectors work together to produce a single image, any differences between them will result in visible seams that take away from the effect. Apparently using the software and the light meter requires no technical expertise, but if you do happen to have an expert on staff they can still make manual changes and tweaks to the calibration as they see fit.

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