By Ryan Nill

Chumby is a tiny, tiny widget box! It is your little window to the Internet land, both adorable and vaguely useful. The device runs on open source software, lets you surf the Internet, run personalized widgets, check email and do other types of social networking (Blogs, Myspace, Facebook, eBay). It is also a clock. Chumby features a rather small 3.5 LCD screen, WiFi connectivity, 128MB RAM, speakers, 2 USB outlets and plug for headphones. It also has a mysterious squeeze sensor. No one knows what for.

Chumby, your portable portal to the web, has just started to ship its first generation. Running 200$, the verdict is still out if it’s going to be the next iPod or whatever. Although, I really do hope to see more of the “startled octopus” logo.

[ Chumby ] VIA [ Uber Gizmo ]


  1. Technically, ‘Cephalopods’ is the general class, which also includes squids, cuttlefishes, nautiluses. No reason why they shouldn’t be allowed to herald it too though.