A little while ago, KEF announced their in-ceiling motorized speakers. Well now, you can have the same look on your wall.

The Ci FDT’s high-frequency driver uses KEF’s proprietary, flat-panel array, which produces clear and robust sound using a design slim enough to maintain full mobility between its active and inactive positions. When the audio system is turned on, the high-frequency driver automatically moves to stand perpendicular to the wall.

Its natural-dipole design further broadens the exceptional sound dispersion achieved by this position, filling the entire room with lifelike surround effects, including seats outside of the typical “sweet spot.??? Balancing the high-frequency driver’s performance is a 5??? bass/midrange cone that brings warmth and richness to the entire ambient soundfield.

When the system is turned off, the flat-panel driver automatically returns to its flush-to-the-wall position.

This one will set you back $500. If you own both of these speakers, my man, you will have one slick home theater and a bunch of new friends. Like its brother, the system will be available to dealers across America in mid-September.

Story VIA Gizmag.