By David Ponce

Carrying a nice dSLR around in a protective bag is cool but it makes taking impromptu pictures a lot harder. Often, by the time you take the camera out, the moment is gone. The Cloak bag aims to fix that issue by featuring a removable bottom that leaves the lens exposed while keeping most of the rest of the camera protected. And more importantly, cloaked. See, exposing an expensive camera in some environments is often an invitation to be forcibly separated from it. Being able to keep it hidden in its bag while taking shots is an invaluable ability. What’s more, you still can have access to all of the camera’s controls thanks to the Cloak’s versatile construction. It will conform to lenses of different lengths as well as allowing you to manually control them if you unzip part of the bottom panel.

All this fun comes at a not unreasonable price of $69.

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