By David Ponce

We have to give Cloud Telecomputers credit for trying to defibrilate a heartbeat into what is clearly a platform in need of change: the desk phone. Sure, businesses still use them as they have massive infrastructures built around them and they’re not going anywhere soon, but feature-wise these machines have nothing on our smartphones. Which is why the Glass Platform looks interesting.

Featuring an 8″ touchscreen and a flavor of Android under the hood, the phone will allow you to dial directly from Outlook, dial by name, link to your cellphone with Bluetooth and answer through the deskphone, even access your mobile’s contacts and dial them through the interface. Finally, since this is a full OS you can also access applications, such as Salesforce integration, find and call taxis, connect to LinkedIn, etc.

“As you probably picked up, however, this is still a platform and not an actual product just yet, but Cloud Telecomputers does have some pretty heavy backers behind it, and it “anticipates” that the first phones should be available sometime in the first quarter of 2010 for between $599 and $699.”

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