By Chris Scott Barr

Do you grow tired of drinking coffee?  I don’t mean the flavor, or even the hassle one has to go through to procure a good cup of Joe. No, I mean are you tired of having to lift a cup to your lips and drink every few minutes in order to get your caffeine boost? I’ll be the first to admit, it takes a lot of effort. You have to drop everything you’re doing with one of your hands for a few seconds, not to mention those cups can get pretty heavy. What you need is a better caffeine delivery method.

While an IV drip would seem like the most direct method, it’s not the most practical. Instead, might I suggest Le Whif Coffee? That’s right, someone has made a coffee inhaler. The tube contains powdered coffee with caffeine equivalent to a light espresso. Each “stick” has about 9 hits (all of which are needed to get the full caffeine effect of a single cup of espresso) depending on how hard you inhale. Sticks will run you $3 each, or you can buy a three-pack for $8. Now if only they had disguised these as asthma inhalers, you might have avoided looking like an idiot every time you took a hit.

[ Le Whif ] VIA [ BoingBoing ]


  1. This seems a little dangerous to me…. I mean, I know it takes something like 300 shots of espresso a day to kill a full grown man, depending on body weight. But with as easy as this system is, and as addictive as coffee is, I'm wondering if we might see the increase of caffeine-related comas with the upswing of this particular device! Wow.

  2. Im pretty sure “le whif” was the same company who “made” the caffeine inhaler that they had on thinkgeek a couple years back for APRIL FOOLS DAY. a little early, don't you think?

  3. Sadly, it does not appear to be an early April Fool's product. Le Whif has been selling a similar product that allows you to inhale chocolate. It does remind me a lot of the “Surge Stix” from Think Geek's '07 gag though.

  4. My first thought? This could really be dangerous… caffeine straight to the brain? Ouch! That's really gonna wake you up, but there could be an after effect, like having a brain-freeze moment when you drink too much cold water or soda or ice cream… This one here could more dangerous than that.