Cold, Sad, and Lonely? The ‘Hug Me’ Jacket Would Be Ridiculously Perfect for You

Hug Me

Hug Me

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, especially when it comes to fashion. What might look ultra-cool to one person might look like crap to the other and vice versa. But with the exception of a handful. There are just some designs that are so ridiculous, that they’re almost good. Almost.

Kind of like designer Si Chan‘s ‘Hug Me’ jacket, which features a row of clasped hands down the front that will ‘hug’ you every time you put it on.  Chan explains that he designed the jacket to make the wearer feel ‘warm and hugged’, saying: “Everybody needs love, don’t they?” He also says that the hugging hands symbolize what humans use to “express love” and “depart from loneliness.”

It’ll keep you warm, all right, but I doubt it’ll be able to make you feel loved at all. Chan has big plans for it too, as he plans to manufacture the jackets and then sell them for $1,200 each. (Now who would pay a thousand bucks for this? I wouldn’t even be willing to buy it for a hundred!)

Hit the jump for more images of the Hug Me jacket, including one where it’s being worn by the Hollow Man.

Hug Me

Hug Me

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