Coleman Frywell Portable Fryer

Coleman Frywell (Images courtesy Coleman)

Coleman Frywell (Images courtesy Coleman)
By Andrew Liszewski

Whenever I go camping I’m happy to walk away from my cellphone, computer and the small arsenal of electronics I carry with me every day, but the one thing I refuse to leave behind is my deep fryer. You thought freshly caught salmon was delicious? Try deep frying it. And while squirrel cooked over an open fire is ok, after just a minute in the deep fryer it’s like nature’s real candy.

Thankfully Coleman’s Frywell portable fryer makes it easy to travel with 6 quarts of boiling oil since it comes with a metal basket that can not only hold up to a pound of food, but also features a collapsing handle so the whole thing can fold up for easy storage. It’s also powered by a standard 16-ounce propane cylinder which means you don’t need to carry a generator just so you can enjoy delicious beer battered raccoon. The Frywell is available on the Coleman website for $159.99.

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  1. This actually looks pretty nice. No, not the aesthetics, but the temperature range. It goes up to 450. It's tough to find a home deep fryer that goes beyond a “spec'd” 375, which in reality is more like 360 or 350. If this baby truly gets to 450 degrees, you can produce some heavenly frites with this bad boy.

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