Company Designs Batteryless Bamboo Communication Device


aimulet LA

By David Ponce

The AimuletLA is an award winning batteryless, light-activated handheld audio communication device with an outer shell made from molded bamboo. It was designed by the Information Technology Research Institute at Japan?s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). Here’s how it works.

With the device pressed against your ear, you stand over a designated area. On the floor are LEDs, which then transmit a signal to an array of spherical micro solar cells (called Sphelar by manufacturer Kyosemi). The Aimulet LA then transforms this signal into audio which is fed to your ear via tiny speakers, all without batteries. Potential uses include museums, zoos, botanical gardens, etc. They could be given to visitors at the entrance, and used as very eco-friendly tour guides.

The fact that they’re primarily made of bamboo, and that there is no external power source means they’re easily recyclable, and are thus very green.

[Read the press release (Japanese)] VIA [Pink Tentacle]


  1. Look ma, no batteries!…

    In today’s technology scene we become awed by innovations that do not require electricity or batteries. Take for instance this eco friendly audio device made of bamboo called the AimletIA. I leave it to David of OhGizmo to explain how……