mytobii p10By David Ponce

Stephen Hawking might just have gotten yet another lease on life with the MyTobii P10, a portable computer that does not require any form of tactile input; instead, it relies on precise eye-tracking technology.

Tobii is a Swedish company that bills itself as the world leader in eye-tracking hardware and software. The P10 is particularly interesting as it does not require the use of any specialized equipment: simply sit in front of the computer, look at a calibrating dot for 30 seconds, and you’re on your way. The device works in many lighting conditions, and does not get confused by large head movements. Hell, it’ll even work if you wear glasses.

This is great for people suffering from disabilities, like ALS, MS or cerebral palsy. Unfortunately, this degree of sophistication will set you back $17,000. Perhaps it’s covered by insurance?

[MyTobii P10] VIA [Xataka]


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