Huggies TweetPee

Babies sleep a lot, cry a lot, and pee a lot. The first two are relatively easier to handle; at least you know something’s up because you can see them actually doing this stuff. But the peeing part, not so much. Of course, babies cry when they’re too wet for comfort, but what parents want it to reach that point?

Then along came Ogilvy Brasil¬†and their Huggies TweetPee. It’s a conceptual electronic device that you’re supposed to attach to your child’s nappy. It’s built with a sensor that measures the level of moisture so it can detect when your baby has peed. The device then connects to an iPhone app that’ll alert the parents that their child’s diaper is ready to be checked or changed.

The clip is in Portuguese, although you can get the gist of what the Huggies TweetPee does even if you don’t speak or understand the language.

VIA [ Mashable ]