By Chris Scott Barr

How do you cook your meatballs? I bet you don’t cook them on a grill. If you do, then my hat is off to you for your dedication. For those who haven’t branched out to this form of meatball preparation, then I have a treat for you. Behold the wonder that is the Meatball Grill Basket.

All you need to do is plop your uncooked meatballs into this strange looking cooking accessory, then set it on your grill. Each side has a sort of mesh design, allowing the grease to drip away from the meatball, leaving you with only perfectly-rounded balls of deliciousness. They even thought to make the handle removeable so that you can close the lid to your grill. Genius. $50 certainly isn’t too much to pay for awesome grilled meatballs.

[ Williams Sonoma ] VIA [ InStash ]