Cooling Water Bra Bikins


water braBy Colbert Low

On a hot day in summer, you can go for a swim in the public pool and… drink from a bra, but make sure you know the lady first or you might get a tight slap. This sure beats going back and forth between the swimming pool and the lockers.

OK. When you’re out for a swim and you get thirsty, what do you do ? Do you drink some sea water or the water from the swimming pool ? Admit it. Some people do. Now you don’t have to. You can store some refreshing mineral water in your bra. Is that cool or not ? I think the “F??? cup bra sizes should be sufficient for me. And you can forget about storing water in your G-string.

Check it out here. Story VIA The Gadget Blog.


  1. Evian water-bikini

    Nog snel een zonnig berichtje zolang het nog kan. Na een uurtje zonnen, zul je vast wel dorstig zijn. Het zeewater is te zout, het zwembadwater te geel, en je flesje drinken ben je vergeten. Zorg in het vervolg dat…