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CordLite Is A Touch-Sensitive iDevice Charging Cord

CordLite Is A Touch-Sensitive iDevice Charging Cord

By David Ponce

Plugging your iDevice in for the night with no lights on in the room is easier said than done. And since a nightlight is not always an option, the CordLite presents a solution to one of life’s tiny annoyances. It’s a touch-sensitive charging cord for the iDevice that features some LEDs at the tip. When the cord is just lying around, nothing happens; it’s only once you pick it up that the circuit is activated and the light shines. The touch feature is conduction based, meaning you don’t have to squeeze, you just have to hold it.

It’s a nifty enough feature to warrant the $30 price on Kickstarter. They project is off to a decent start, with $29,000 raised on the $70,000 goal. Shipping should happen in September/October of this year.

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