Corn Resin Bottle (Image courtesy New Wave Enviro Products)By Andrew Liszewski

While plastic bottles are recyclable these days I guarantee if you live anywhere but a cabin in the woods a quick walk outside will reveal many of them that have just been discarded on the ground. New Wave Enviro Products might have a solution to this particular problem with a new bottle made from polyactide also known as PLA. The material is a unique polymer made from lactic acid derived from corn starch that still behaves like normal plastics in the manufacturing process.

This means the results look and feel like a regular clear plastic bottle but will biodegrade in only about 80 days in a commercial compost system. In addition the PLA material is apparently better suited for food contact applications like packaging water.

On top of it all the New Wave bottle also includes a built-in filter that will remove unwanted materials when filled with tap water. The one downside is that the bottle can only be refilled about 90 times before they start breaking down I assume so I hope these bottles sell for a reasonable price when they become available. (Though who’s ever reused a standard bottle that many times anyways?)

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