covert harnessBy Dave Coulter

If you’re a gearhead I’m sure you’ll find these packs to be the cat’s meow. Finally, (yet) another way to stow more crap than you’ll ever need… and it’ll virtually guarantee you’ll be frisked by airport security! Civilianlab has created a product line nick’d the ‘Covert Harness,’ which if you look at the picture is a whit misleading: they’re about as covert as a blinking neon sign.

In any case these rugged bags can be pasted onto you in up to six different configurations by way of variable straps and buckles—just the thing to realize your inner Gurkha. From the looks of it, you’ll be able to carry anything you need and more—from pens and PDAs, to flashlights and an extra magazine for your G36 carbine—all in a package that absolutely screams “urban nomad.??? The harness system will run you from $49.95 for their Traveler LT model, all the way up to $75.45 for their Specialist LT model, with three more models in between to help you prepare for The Apocalypse.

By now I can hear some of you thinking “I love it, but c’mon, moi in a harness????… And to those folks still uncomfortable donning nylon webbing, lemme just say this: It’s only kinky once, then it’s just what you like.

Story VIA Gadgetmadness