Craftsman CompuCarve (Images courtesy Sears & CarveWright)
By Andrew Liszewski

Wood carving seems like it’s not that hard but the few times I’ve tried it the sharp knives and chisels took more off my fingers than the piece of wood. So I can see why the CompuCarve from Craftsman would be incredibly useful for any workshop. It’s basically a computer controlled router and milling machine that can produce complex 3D patterns on most soft materials like wood, plastics and even high-density foam.

It includes custom 3D software for creating your own designs and even though it’s claimed to be user friendly I imagine there’s a bit of a learning curve depending on how complex you want those designs to be. And while it does require a PC the designs are transferred to the machine via memory cards so that your computer doesn’t have to be in the same sawdust filled room. Of course given the CompuCarve’s relatively compact size it can only handle materials up to 5 inches high and 14 1/2 inches long meaning you’re somewhat limited to only producing stuff like 3D signs and ornate wooden boxes.

The Craftsman CompuCarve is available from Sears for $1,899.

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