Crayola Crayon Executive Pen


Crayola Crayon Executive Pen (Image courtesy Perpetual Kid)By Andrew Liszewski

Ah Crayola crayons. What starts out as the first writing instrument most kids ever use ends up as a symbol of being too childish in most people’s eyes. But you can break that stereotype by proudly using this executive-class pen that happens to look exactly like a classic Crayola crayon.

The pen is made with a brass body so it has the weight and feel of an expensive writing instrument and twisting the end reveals the blue ink ball point that comes out of the crayon’s tip. It even comes in a solid wood carrying case that doubles as a pen holder for your desk so remember, just because you’re forced to wear a tie every morning like other grown-ups do doesn’t mean the kid inside of you has also grown up.

The Crayola Executive Pen is available from Perpetual Kid for $15.99 and comes in black, blue, red, green, orange, purple, silver or yellow colors.

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