When creativity meets technological genius. This is a Kevlar ballistics shield inspired by the art of folding paper. It was created by professors in mechanical engineering Larry Howell and Terri Bateman and their colleagues at Brigham Young University.

This shield has 14 layers of Kevlar with an aluminum core, can be deployed very quickly (5 seconds) and has a great angle of protection, which covers up to three people. Compared to the usual shield (90+ lbs) it is half the weight (55 lbs). Because of the way it folds, it saves a lot of space (reduces its size by 4 times) and protects against 9 mm .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum handguns (tested).

Does it not remind you of Star wars?! Hopefully it makes it into the market. The concept is amazing but I think that it’ll be a long time before this amazing origami shield will start doing its job. Maybe one day, in the near future, we will have force field shields!


[ BYU ] VIA [ Awesome Sauce ]