By Chris Scott Barr

If you’re the sort of audiophile that prefers to listen your music on vinyl, you’re no doubt aware of how un-portable your favorite music is. Not only are the records hard to tote around, but you’re probably going to need to bring your own player. If you’re dedicated enough to do this, then you might be interested in a rather small record player designed for the audiophile on the go.

The Crosley Revolution is a dual-speed turntable with portability in mind. It is battery-powered, so you’re not tied to a wall (though it doesn’t appear to have the option to be plugged in, which means you’ll need to keep a lot of AA batteries on hand). Other features include dual headphone jacks, stereo speakers and a carrying case. If you’re looking to digitalize your collection, there is even USB output (and the necessary software) for converting your records. Look for it on sale soon for $150.

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