Cup-a-Cake Containers (Image courtesy Solutions)By Andrew Liszewski

Instead of companies wasting their time working on problems like world hunger or curing cancer it’s nice to see them tackling mankind’s more pressing issues. For example, how do you safely transport a frosted, decorated cupcake without the toppings ending up everywhere? Thankfully this problem will plague our race no longer with the creation of the Cup-a-Cake transport device. These airtight containers hold a cupcake safely in place with a patented system which looks to me like two small plastic arms inside. It’s so simple and elegant it’s no wonder no one has ever thought of it before.

It’s even claimed the Cup-a-Cake is so easy to open even a child can do it which is great because clearly kids are an afterthought here and not the primary demographic for this product. But I’m sure once these become popular on Wall Street and corporate America we’ll see their use trickle down to teens and eventually smaller children.

If I’m not mistaken in addition to spending the rest of his life trying to produce a unified field theory, Albert Einstein would spend his weekends working on the cupcake problem as well. I think his contemporaries will be glad to know the cupcake transport groundwork he laid would eventually lead to this innovation.

The Cup-a-Cake travel protector is available from Solutions in a set of 2 for $4.95.

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