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Custom Birch Plywood Headphones

Custom Birch Plywood Headphones

Custom Birch Plywood Headphones (Image courtesy Etsy)
By Andrew Liszewski

I find the stuff being sold on Etsy to be pretty hit and miss. But the few times I come across a ‘hit’ it makes me wish I spent more time perusing what was available for sale there. These beautiful custom birch plywood headphones, created by Nico Monterosso, not only manage to make plywood look sexy, but they also make my black plastic over-the-ear cans look downright cheap.

They’re custom made so you actually have your choice of fabric finish on the outside of the earcups, and since they’re not adjustable you can even specify your head size if the standard 45cm from ear lobe to ear lobe measurement won’t accommodate you. Unfortunately there’s no pricing info since they appear to already be sold, which makes me kick myself again for not paying closer attention to Etsy in the past. But given they’re custom made and all, maybe not knowing the price is a good thing.

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