By Andrew Liszewski

Even though the original TRON came out when video games were in their infancy, this is the first TRON board game I’ve ever encountered. Made from laser-etched & cut smoked acrylic and die-cast light cycles all enhanced with blacklight-reactive paint, the game’s rules are still being worked out, but just like the digital version, the goal is to strategically leave behind light cycle trails for your opponents to run into. Maybe not as exciting or fast paced as the original, but I’m sure the smug satisfaction of cutting someone off is still there.

[ YouTube – Custom TRON Light Cycles Board Game and Playset ] VIA [ Make ]


  1. I know it's not as fast paced as the video game tron, but this board game looks pretty net for me. I like things that glow in the dark or with LED lights. For some reason, this is a slow game that I'm liking a lot.

    Do they sell this or was this just for show? It can be a cool board game if you ask me. One down side would be it may be heavy to bring along with other luggage.