Cydle i30 iPhone TV Tuner (Images courtesy Cydle)
By Andrew Liszewski

Tired of streaming TV eating up most of your iPhone’s limited monthly data plan? Don’t forget there’s still a world of first-run broadcast TV that streaming services still can’t compete with when it comes to new content. And with Cydle’s new i30 cradle you’ll be able to tune in new shows. It supports the ATSC-M/H standard in the US which is specifically designed to allow devices on the move to be able to tune in broadcast content, though you’ll have to be ready to accept a small antenna sticking up out of your device.

The Cydle i30 does pack its own 1100mA rechargeable battery so it won’t completely drain your smartphone when watching broadcasts, and I’m going to assume it’s going to rely on an accompanying downloadable app when it’s finally available for sale in the US. At the moment though it’s currently making its way through the FCC, so actual availability is unknown.

[ Cydle i30 ] VIA [ Mobiledia ]


  1. Well most portable TVs are a lot bigger and bulkier than this unit.
    It’s like the same conundrum of digital cameras using your iPhone camera. Sure, a ton of digital cameras have much better quality, but do you really want to lug around a camera along with your phone, or just your phone that you would already have?