By Luke Anderson

How many of you can type without looking at the keyboard? I’d guess that many of you rarely need to stare at your fingers while typing, however, I’d be willing to bet that most of you do still glance at the keys from time to time. Heck, I type for a living and I still glance down every now and then. This is why most people wouldn’t be interested in the Das keyboard.

The Das keyboard came out back in 2005, and was designed with the 1337 in mind. It featured an all-black design, with no key markings whatsoever. It also featured M-style mechanical key switches, which had a more “clacky” feel than most modern keyboards. Well, Das has updated their keyboard with Pro and Ultimate versions.

They’ve updated the look and feel (which is good, as the original already looked dated when it was introduced), while still keeping the same key switches, and N-key roll-over functions (allows you to press up to 12 keys simultaneously). The difference is that the Pro will feature key markings, while the Ultimate holds true to its roots. Both will go on sale for $129 sometime in the future.

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