By David Ponce

If any product ever fitted in this site, it’s these awesome tables from DB Fletcher. Should you manage to purchase them, we have to warm you: you’ll be chasing un-invited guests away from your home with a stick for a long time. They’re called Fletcher Capstan Tables, and are able to double their seating capacity in about four seconds, simply by rotating them.

The expansion leaves are stored within the table and, in just four seconds, smoothly and quickly emerge upon rotation, rising and radially expanding outwards as the entire top is turned through 30?. Existing tables can seat six persons when small, and twelve or more when expanded, but there are other design possibilities.

All Capstan Tables are exclusively designed and built, and each one numbered. Careful consideration is always given to a table?s location and components are made to the highest standards.

We’re not sure how much they cost, and quite frankly are too awed to even really wonder about it. If you don’t understand our fascination, it’s because you haven’t seen the videos of these in action. So, watch the one up there, or read on for another one.

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  1. That thing must way a ton. In the first video you get a glimpse of the insane amount of mechanical machinery under the hood. I’m sure that it’s price tag is in the thousands if not the tens of thousands. I mean the video does intersperse yachts between table shots for Pete’s sake.