Our personal perception of the world is limited by our senses. But science and modern engineering have allowed us to develop sophisticated sensors to detect and measure innumerable things beyond our human sense. The Sensordrone happens to pack 11 of these in a package small enough to fit on a keychain. That’s right, with just one tiny device you’ll able to have a “carbon monoxide detector, non-contact thermometer, gas leak detector, lux meter, weather station, diagnostic tool & more.” Additionally, the SDK is available to developers so that specific applications using these sensors can be developed. This greatly expands the reach and potential of the Sensordrone and turn it into a truly invaluable scientific tool. Normally $200, today it’s $149!

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  1. This is one of the (many) opening salvos of the huge market potential internet-capable wireless monitoring devices. This one promises to be an early leader due to the developer’s open and improveable marketing strategy. Prices with equivalent device capability will become available, but this price cut puts it closer to the “pick up tip point” for a lot of geeks. Good stuff.