Deal of the Day: 15% Off On Tool Pen Mini: 22-Bit Aplus Edition



If you find yourself trying to fix your fixable electronics on a regular occasion, you’ve probably realized that the process goes a lot more smoothly if you have the right tools for the job. The Tool Pen Mini: 22-Bit Aplus Edition has just about everything you’d need go to town on any item that the manufacturer hasn’t purposely made impossible to fix yourself (Apple, we’re looking at you…).

The Tool Pen Mini may be small, but it packs a wallop. With this Aplus Edition, you’ll get one sleek pen-like screwdriver, along with 22 interchangeable bits. This compact tool is therefore equivalent to a full set of 22 different screwdrivers, making it suitable for fixing a wide variety of items requiring intricate work, but occupying only a fraction of the space in your home, shed, or workspace.

– Serves as an all-in-one, interchangeable screwdriver
– Accommodates 22 different bits that easily slide in & out of the pen
– Fits up to 5 interchangeable bits at once
– Can fix a variety of electronics & other objects: smartphones, laptops, tablets, toys, appliances, remote controls, etc.
– Allows work on small, intricate items thanks to precision bits
– Made of high-quality aluminum & steel
– Takes up less space than a full set of screwdrivers offering the same functionality
– Easy to use & convenient

Normally $89, with today’s rebate it’s only $75, shipped free of charge.


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