Wanna leave your bulky smartphone behind, but you’re worried you’ll miss an important call or text? Don’t have a smartwatch? The Ditto Bluetooth Alerting Device can help.

We all know how difficult it is to ignore your vibrating phone at the dinner table. Thanks to Ditto, you can silence the non-essentials. Just put it in your pocket, select whose calls, texts, emails, or third party messages you want to be notified about, and Ditto will vibrate to your specifications. Engineered by the team who brought you Beats—it’s a certified game-changer.

– Works up to 100ft away from your phone
– Notifies you a new battery is needed
– Vibrates to warn you that your phone was left behind
– Designed to be about the size of a quarter—nobody has to see it unless you choose
– Wake you up peacefully w/ silent alarm
– Designed to be completely waterproof

Normally $40, it’s $33 after today’s deal. It’s a cool product to have, small and unobtrusive, and priced just right for what it does.


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