Bluetooth speakers are everywhere, and they all pretty much do the same thing. But the Drifter Phone-Free Smart Speaker has one feature we haven’t seen as often and it’s kind of cool: a built-in 16GB hard drive. This means you can take the Drifter with you and leave your phone behind, and not worry about getting it wet or damaged.

You’ve never met a speaker like Drifter. The world’s first smart speaker allows you to play music independent of your phone, so you can truly take it anywhere, regardless of an internet connection. Drifter’s customized operating system allows you to download music from your favorite apps directly to the speaker. With a 16GB hard drive, that’s up to 4,000 songs right at your disposal any time you want them.

– Listen at home on WiFi, on the road on Bluetooth, & w/ Outdoor Music System® when you’re off the grid
– Leave your smartphone out of any dangerous situations thanks to Drifter’s built-in hard drive
– Choose the music you want to hear right on the built-in touchscreen
– Bring Drifter into the pool or ocean w/ you, it floats & boasts an IPX7 completely waterproof rating
– Hang outside w/ the included carabiners or mount to any GoPro mount
– Carry it anywhere – it’s only 6″ long
– Record your life around the music w/ the built-in camera

It’s a cool product, and it’s seeing a decent price drop, from $299, to $239 with free shipping.


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