Finals are just around the corner, and some of you might decide to record your lectures for later review. That’s all fine until you come home and realize you can’t understand half the stuff the professor said because of the quality of your phone’s mic. You should have gotten the iRig Mic Cast: Voice Recorder.

Want to record a speech worth remembering? Or an academic lecture for later review? Get in on the iRig Mic Cast, and replay your audio in nothing less than crystal-clear quality. This handy voice recording microphone spans under 2-square inches, making it a breeze to carry around. When you want to capture audio, simply whip it out, plug it into your device’s headphone jack, and start recording away.

Records high-quality audio on your mobile device or computer
Offers a mini-switch providing 2 different sensitivity settings for close-up or faraway sound
Fits most iPhone/iPod touch cases
Boasts ultra-compact profile allowing for maximum portability
Works w/ 2 free apps enabling voice recording/editing & multi-effects processing
Works w/ all regular phone calls & any VOIP app

Now, do you think we’d be recommending this thing to students if it was expensive? It’s $29.99, down from $40, after today’s deal. Shipped for free, as always.


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