Deal Of The Day: 25% Off On Rapid Repair Tool Bundle



Electronics these days are designed to be harder to repair yourself. That doesn’t mean they’re impossible to fix, but you do need the right tools for the job. The Rapid Repair Tool Bundle comes with 10 such items that could make the task that much easier.

Dropped your phone? Broke your iPod? Save some cash by repairing your gadgets yourself with this deluxe kit of tools needed to get them up and running. Or, maybe just indulge your inner engineer and use them to take a peek inside at the electronic inner-workings. Whatever you intention may be, this kit—composed of six mini screwdrivers along with other device-opening essentials—will allow you to take apart and reassemble small electronics in confidence.

– Use the tools w/ a wide array of gadgets, from Apple iPhones to Nintendo Wii
– Safely pry open phone displays
– Easily remove tiny screws on phones & laptops w/ Pentalobe screwdriver
– Open the internal components of devices w/ T6 screwdriver
– Gently lift glass screen w/ suction cup

These types of tools aren’t particularly expensive to start with, but it’s nice when they’re even cheaper. The kit normally would retail for $20, but you can have it for $14.99.

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