There are all kinds of things you can look at when shopping for a Bluetooth speaker, like sound quality, waterproofing, battery life… But sometimes you just want something fun, that does something others don’t do. The Lyrix Dancing Water Bluetooth Speaker is exactly that, providing you with a lights and water show to go along with your tunes.

If you love colorful lights, water shows, and blasting tunes—all your dreams are about to come true. This epic dancing speaker is basically your personal Bellagio fountain show, and it won’t cost you a flight to Vegas. With rhythmic colorful lights and bouncing water, you can enjoy quality entertainment and your favorite tunes with the crystal clear sound they deserve. Utilize the top-notch Bluetooth functionality or plug in with an auxiliary cord to let the show commence!

Features crystal clear sound
Connects to your devices via Bluetooth, directly from a MicroSD card, or from an auxiliary source via the 3.5 mm input jack
Includes multiple-color lights for a gorgeous effect
Splashes & bounces water along w/ the music
Provides a multiple sense experience

It’s a fun item to keep in the home, if only to entertain yourself or your guests. It’s not something you should spend a fortune on, and you won’t, since they’re only asking for $35.95.

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