Deal Of The Day: 30% Off On Dundabunga Universal Unipod Stand



Look, you can’t just keep your mobile device in your hands all day, ok? That’s, like, hours holding something that weighs, at least, you know, like a pound. If you wanna rest that thing somewhere while you catch up on your YouTube subscriptions, you’re going to want something like the Dundabunga Universal Unipod Stand.

This twisty little stand will hold up your smartphone, tablet or camera anywhere you go. Using magnets and flexible materials, it has full 360 degree rotation so you can twist and bend the stand for your device to face any direction you want. Put it in your car, on your kitchen table, outside in the yard, or even wear it on your body.

– Includes disk to attach your smartphone or tablet to
– Connects to your devices via magnet for easy removal
– Features unlimited positions & places to attach
– Compatible with most all devices

Normally $50, our deal today brings the price down to $34.99.


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