Deal Of The Day: 30% Off On World’s Smallest Camera Drone + 2GB Micro SD Card



Normally when you see a palm-sized drone, it just does flips and flies around, but doesn’t carry a camera. The World’s Smallest Camera Drone pictured above however, does. It does everything the other tiny drones too, but will take videos while doing them.

This tiny flyer is the smallest drone of its kind to carry its own camera for taking epic shots in the smallest places. Four fast blades make this new quadcopter omni-directional, which in layman’s terms means it can dip, dash, zip, spin, and flip anywhere you tell it to via remote control. Plus its decked out with LED lights so you can embark on night flights and document it all the while. Tote it anywhere you go and let it rip.

– Includes a 2GB camera memory card
– Captures crystal-clear video & photography (rare for a drone of this size!)
– Includes LED lights for night flying
– Provides 3 speed flight modes
– Delivers superior flying stability
– Takes less than 30 minutes to fully charge up
– Moves up, down, left or right
– Includes side flight, hover, flip & hand launch capabilities

Best part is this is not an expensive toy to start with, at a regular $50 price. But after today’s deal, it’s $35!


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