The Beats By Dre brand sure has its following, and they’re usually more than willing to pay what we consider to be outrageous prices for their products. Granted, you could argue about quality and a bunch of other features justifying the asking price, but isn’t it nice when there’s a special regardless?

Are you ready to hear music the way it was intended to be heard? Do you want the same quality audio that Lil Wayne actually hears in the studio? Then there’s no question that these are the headphones for you. Not only is the sound of the highest sonic quality, but the construction was meticulously designed to stand the test of time. Take your audio experience to the next level, and take home Beats Pro.

– Crafted from nearly indestructable steel & aluminum
– Deliver superb audio w/ clear highs & deep lows
– Cancel outside noise w/ heavy padded ear cups
– Provide comfortable fit w/ padding & pivoting construction

Normally $399, they’re $239.95 with today’s deal, shipped for free of course.


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