It’s not everyone who’s content to light up their living space/work space with simple white lights. A little bit of spice can go a long way to brightening up a day, and the Mighty Marquee Desk Light does a pretty good job at this:

White light is vanilla. Add some flavor to your desk with these colorful, custom light boxes. Just pop in any of the fun graphic rectangles you like and let there be light. The LED’s provide plenty of illumination and you can swap out the backlit images any time you want to change up the scene. You can even make or design your own custom marquees to deck out your desk with your personal touch.

– Powered by USB
– Illuminated w/ 15 LED lights for the ideal brightness
– Connects the images to the square via magnet
– Allows you to swap out images or even create your own
– Includes a Centipede Graphic, Star Wars Graphic & Donkey Kong Graphic

Normally $89, it’s $49.99 with today’s rebate.


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