Experiencing a bone-conduction headset is fun, because you hear the music just fine but your ears are still free to also hear your surroundings. This is both safer, and honestly, cooler than the standard setup. And as far as these type of headsets are concerned, the KOAR Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headset is one of the coolest looking ones we’ve seen.

Boasting patented transducers that use bone conduction technology to convey crystal clear sound directly to your inner ears, these futuristic headphones allow you to fully hear your surroundings and talk with friends while you listen to your music. With Bluetooth technology and IP67 water resistance, this headset will play your soundtrack anywhere.

– Lightweight titanium memory metal provides a comfortable & durable fit during exercise, travel or everyday wear
– Bluetooth technology lets you listen to all Bluetooth compatible devices w/o wires
– LiquiPel technology repels water & sweat
– Built-in mic lets you talk hands-free
– Rechargeable battery lasts over 6 hours on a single charge & is ready again after a 2 hour charge
– Rugged, sealed design & IP67 water resistance gives the headset a long life

Normally $149, it’s $76.99 after today’s rebate, shipped for free as always.


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