When it comes to protecting your identity online, we often talk about VPNs. Just yesterday we were writing about the RA4W VPN Lifetime Subscription for $9. But while that product took the inexpensive approach, today’s Dashlane Premium & Hotspot Shield Elite VPN, a 3-Yr Subscription Bundle takes the ultra-secure route by giving you a combo of apps that give you two lines of defence.
Dashlane Premium

You may have dozens of online accounts, each with unique passwords, but they are likely stored insecurely in browsers, or in a document on your computer. Dashlane allows you to import passwords from browsers to an extremely secure, intuitive interface. As you browse your favorite sites, Dashlane automates the process of capturing login credentials as you type, allowing you to automatically log in when you revisit a site. Dashlane even scans your passwords for weak links, and provides you with a password generator to create new, stronger ones to keep your digital identity safe.

5/5 Stars, “It’s hard to believe, but Dashlane 4 is even slicker and easier to use than its predecessor.” PC Mag

– Secure all of your passwords in Dashlane’s military-grade encrypted password vault
– Log into your accounts automatically so you’ll never forget a password
– Save time filling out forms online w/ Autofill
– Enable two-factor authentication for added security, & register multiple U2F keys
– Store your credit cards & automatically fill in checkout fields when shopping online
– Create strong, unique passwords w/ a single click & automatically update them
– Sync your account information across all of your devices
– Safely encrypt & backup your account to the Cloud
– Share unlimited passwords & secure notes w/ colleagues, friends, or family
– Set up an emergency contact to inherit your passwords in the event of an accident

Hotspot Shield Elite VPN

When you browse the Internet, you’re leaving behind a trail of personal data that can make you vulnerable to cyber attacks. With Hotspot Shield, you’ll dramatically reduce that probability as all of your data is encrypted and secured on a private network. With Hotspot Shield Elite, you’ll be able to hide your data from hackers and safely browse on public Wi-Fi, while still maintaining fast Internet speeds.

“It’s easy to use, affordable, and will secure all the traffic from your computer.” PC Mag, 4/5 Stars
4/5 Stars on 745,000 reviews on Google Play

– Browse anonymously w/ mobile or desktop devices on public hotspots w/ just one-click
– Bypass Internet censorship to access geographically blocked content
– Connect to any of 20 virtual locations in the USA, UK, Australia, Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, China, India & Germany
– Get complete Wi-Fi security to protect your identity, location & IP address
– Avoid hackers, government agencies, identity thieves & more
– Receive complete cloud-based malware protection
– Know when you’ve landed on a known or suspected malicious or phishing website via AnchorFree’s database of more than 3.5 million malicious sites

Now this is some serious protection, which would normally set you back $179. But with today’s deal it’s just $69.99.

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